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Positioning your Celluma LED panel

This is another one of those questions that I get asked a lot. How to position the Celluma panel for maximum effectiveness, how close to the skin does it need to be, how long does it need to be used for, etc…..

First of all – when choosing a panel I suggest reading this blog post. It discusses the 4 important considerations when researching a panel: wavelength, power output, delivery distance and energy delivery.

Second – you’ll read that the closer the LED panel is to the skin, the better results you’ll get. I used one of my trusty interns as my model (my 11 year old son, Grayson), and here are the steps I use to get the panel as close to the skin as possible for maximum effectiveness!

1. Have your client lift their chin and position the panel so that it barely hits the nose or chin (whatever is the highest on their face). (**Grayson’s eye protection kept slipping off when he raised his chin, we did replace it before turning the panel on…)


2. Have your client lower their chin and then you can just sneak the panel down a bit so it’s almost touching their face, but not quite.


3. Then just push the sides in a bit closer so they’re almost touching the face.


4. You’re in business!!!


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