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Pay for your ThermoClear machine in a month!

I had my first annual Skin Rescue Retreat at my Studio last week, and part of what I offered was a brow design and a ThermoClear demonstration. (Yes, I had a few bookings after showing what my brow design entailed, but most importantly I generated a TON of interest in the ThermoClear!)

I invited a friend to attend that had some spider capillaries on her chest, so I offered her up as a model. Well, as I’m sure you can imagine, as soon as the capillaries started to disappear my guests started to FREAK OUT with excitement! In fact, later that afternoon I had one of the guests come back for a brow design (she’s now in brow boot camp) and she brought her Mom. I had a ThermoClear treatment I was just finishing up, and she allowed them to watch. My guest ended up booking a short appointment to treat a small spider angioma under her eye, and her mother booked a $300 treatment (she is also in brow boot camp).

Well, THIS got me to thinking and I’ve decided to offer ThermoClear parties. Here is how I imagine it working:

1. Choose a hostess. We all have that client (or several clients) that want everything and know everyone. Offer for her to be a hostess for a ThermoClear party. She can invite 4 – 8 of her friends to attend. I think anything longer than 2 1/2 hours would be too much time, so depending on how many guests she invites you can offer 15 minute or 30 minute treatments. She can set up some light snacks and she and her guests can visit with each other while you’re treating each of your clients.

2. Have each guest prepay. You’re not setting up shop just to have some jerk not show up. Explain that these are non-refundable reservations and invoice her guests in advance. You could require a minimum number of guests or a minimum amount of time slots if you’d like. Whatever works for you.

3. Offer a bit of a discount (or not!). My normal 15 minute treatment sells for $150, and my normal 30 minute treatment is $300. You do NOT have to discount your services, but if you wanted to you could offer a small discount ($25 or so) or even offer a free after care kit. ThermoClear recommends offering Calydryl after your treatment to cut the sting. So, perhaps a small bottle of that, some toner and some gentle moisturizer. Or even an after peel kit. Be creative. You can offer a group consultation & after care discussion. If you limit yourself to 2 hours of hands-on treatment time (not including flipping your bed & sanitation), you’re looking at working for about 2 1/2 – 3 hours and bringing in $1200 before any retail sales. (This is a GREAT time to book your clients for a follow-up facial about a month out, so get them started on a kit to get them using great products.) If you offer this 4 weeks in a row, you’ve just about paid for your machine!

4. Offer a hostess reward. Don’t forget about your hostess! I would offer her a free 15 minute treatment as compensation for her hard work. You can even offer an additional 15 minutes to anyone that is willing to be another hostess.

5. Do you want me to help you? If you would like help getting your first ThermoClear party started, I would be delighted to help you! Schedule your first party for when I am there to train you. We can train you in the morning, take a break and then have the party that night. And even better – I will bring MY machine as well, so we can see twice the amount of guests.

These are just some ideas. Expand upon them, make suggestions, and GET THAT DARN MACHINE! Click HERE for a link to purchase.



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