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I have found the BEST Spa Wraps EVER!!!

I’m a texture person. Like, big time…. I can’t stand the feel of microfiber – the way it picks my hands. GROSS! I LOVE soft things – soft like a kitties belly… soft like freshly exfoliated skin! This makes it challenging when picking out Spa sheets, wraps and head bands! Everything seems to stiff (cotton) or too rough (terry). Yuck!

I’m happy to report that my search for the BEST Spa Wrap has come to a screeching halt!

I attended the IECSC Show in Vegas in June, and when I was there I was on the hunt for not only equipment for my Pro Skin Guru business, but I was also on the hunt for equipment / supplies for my own studio – in particular I was looking for a luxury spa wrap that wouldn’t break the bank. That being said – I touched everything! It was probably a bit obsessive, but I was a woman with a mission! I even almost ended up in a bit of a tug-of-war with someone over a few wraps! LOL!

I can’t remember the name of the booth, but they had some spa wraps hanging up, and one model looked particularly soft. And they were! In fact, I decided to purchase 3 more on top of the 1 I was stroking. I guess the woman I was speaking with didn’t hear me (it was crazy busy, as I’m sure you can imagine). When another customer came up and expressed interest in several of the same wrap, I finally asserted myself a bit louder that I wanted 3 more wraps. By that time another woman was helping the customer next to me, and there were only FOUR WRAPS LEFT!!!! So luckily I had been heard by then, and 3 of them went to me, and the last one went to the woman who I’d been standing next to. I was feeling pretty lucky. Well…..

After purchasing, I ended up at booth just down the aisle that also sold spa wraps and at first touch I WAS IN LOVE!!!! In fact, if I’d known how to find the woman that I’d just beaten out for the wraps I’d purchased I would have chased her down and sold them to her! But, as you can imagine, she was long gone by then.

Anyhoo – back to my new wraps…. They have several extremely SOFT fabrics, such as the Minky Dot and the Microfiber. HOWEVER, the softest fabric of all time is the ‘Spa Cuddle’. Oh my – Every Single One of my clients that have worn a robe for their are simply amazed at how soft they are, and one client has placed an order of 3 for Christmas! I’m even planning to have a few custom robes made for my own Christmas list (and of course one for me as well!).

I have already washed them several times, and they’re holding up very well. Just make sure you attach the velcro enclosures together before you wash to keep it from getting filled with lint! They’ll even make the wrap as a special order with a drawstring, snap or button closure.

The products are made in the US, the company is based in the US and is called Salonwear(TM). The owner, Ivan, is a dream to work with, and you can tell that he’s very passionate about the quality of the products that he manufacturers and sells. I am very impressed.

The style I purchased is style #1004MC – the short spa wrap made of ‘Spa Cuddle’ fabric. It’s a brand new fabric they’ve been working with, and it’s not even on their website yet! It is so soft, and incredibly luscious! Exactly the type of luxury experience our clients crave, and at $28 (*or less!) per wrap, is not expensive!

They have 20+ colors available, but stock white and pink for immediate purchase. I ordered the white, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. You will not be disappointed.

*In fact, if you call and place an order over the phone, ask for Ivan and mention that you heard about them from Pro Skin Guru and he’ll extend a special discount just for you! You can reach them at 800-635-3323.

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