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Esthy-Locks and the 3 Celluma panels – which panel is right for you?

Celluma LITE, Celluma PRO and Celluma ELITE – with three options it’s sometimes hard to figure out which panel is right for you! Here is a little story to help you make your decision….

Esthy-Locks was a smart esthetician – she did her research and decided that Celluma was the right LED product for her skincare practice. She liked the ease of use, the FDA clearances and the amazing price! But WHICH panel to choose was a hard decision for her to make!

  Celluma Lite

The Celluma LITE was a little cheaper than the PRO at $995, but was 1/3 smaller, and therefore treated a smaller surface area. In addition, you had to use those pesky stands to hold the panel far enough from the face so it wouldn’t touch her clients’ nose. As an esthetician she was mostly concerned with treating the face, so the Celluma LITE seemed too small for her.

Celluma ELITE

The Celluma ELITE looked SO COOL, but her treatment room was fairly small, and she just didn’t have the space to have a free-standing panel taking up room. The surface area of the ELITE was the same as the PRO, and cost $900 more! Oh my….

Celluma PRO

The Celluma PRO seemed just right! The PRO was priced at $1595 for the general public, but she was able to get a discount for being a licensed professional! The stands were built in, so there was no additional hardware to purchase. With about 345 individual LEDs, she was excited about the amazing transformations she could create in her treatment room!

Purchase your Celluma PRO here!

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