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Celluma & Claustrophobia – some tips to relax your clients

I am often asked if my client’s feel claustrophobic when they are under the Celluma panel. I’m not sure if I’m just really lucky in my practice, or if I’m just really good at preparing my clients for what to expect when they’re under the Celluma, but I really haven’t had a problem with client’s not being able to handle the entire 30 minute treatment!

First of all, my treatment room is incredibly comfortable – it’s an oasis. The lighting is very soft (in fact, I usually have all of my lights off and just work from the light filtering through my curtains), the bed is VERY comfortable (I layered a 3 inch memory foam mattress topper on top of my Comfort Craft massage table, then covered that with a faux sheepskin pad, another heated sheepskin pad, a grounding mat, a fleece blanket and then I use super soft microfiber sheets from The Comphy Company).

Second, before I use the Celluma panel on a client, I make sure to explain why I’m using it on them, and then I show them what it looks like. I have them hold it to see how light it is, and explain that if they need to cough or sneeze, to please lift if off of their face. I also mention that if they start to feel claustrophobic to lift it off and call for me. This puts the control FIRMLY in their hands (literally!), and I think this is a huge reason why my client’s don’t feel claustrophobic under the panel. It’s not rigid like an MRI tube, it’s light, flexible and easy to move.

Next, I place the iGoggles over their eyes, and explain that when I place the Celluma panel over their face it will be very bright, much like stepping outside on a bright day from a dark building and that their eyes will adjust in a few minutes. I also explain that I’d like to try just using the iGoggles instead of any cotton pads so the delicate area under their eyes will also be treated. You know what that is called? It’s called MOTIVATION! No one wants wrinkles around their eyes!!! (In one instance, I did need to layer 2 pair of iGoggles on a client’s eyes to help her adjust to the light; they stack right on top of each other, so it was a very easy fix. I have also taken black electrical tape and placed it on the outside of the iGoggles. You would have to peel it off and dispose of it before sanitizing the goggles, but it can help to block some light.)

* You should also explain to your clients that we have holes in our skull (called foramen) that also allow light to stimulate the eyes, and even the darkest of the dark eye pads are not able to block the light that passes through the foramen.

After answering any of their questions about the Celluma, I then place it over their face and get it situated exactly how I’d like it to be, and then I tell the client that I’m turning it on as I click the buttons to turn it on. I then note the time on the clock, and stay with them for a minute or so and ask if they’re doing ok. I mention that I’ll be stepping out of the room, but if they need me all they need to do is call for me and that I’m just in the next room. I also tell them I’ll be coming back in to the room in about 15 minutes to give them an arm & hand massage, but in the meantime to enjoy the music and take a little nap.

Once I’ve checked in and they say everything is fine and they are comfortable, I turn the music in the treatment room up a little louder, and then leave the room for the first 15 minutes of the treatment. I take this time to write client notes, take a quick pee break, drink some water, return emails, etc…

After 15 minutes, I’ll quietly step back into the room and give an arm & hand massage to slowly bring them back to the present. That way I’m in the room when the Celluma panel turns off and can remove it immediately.

With these steps I have not once had a client that hasn’t felt comfortable, and in fact, most clients tell me they fell asleep!

Do you have any other tips for your claustrophobic clients? If so, let me know! If you’re interested in purchasing a Celluma Panel for use in your treatment room, click here!


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