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How to Finance your ThermoClear Machine

With a large ticket item such as the ThermoClear, often you will need financing options rather than purchasing outright. WE CAN HELP YOU FINANCE YOUR MACHINE!!

Here are some of the details of the lease-to-own program offered by ThermoClear.

  1. The interest rate is variable, and depends on your credit.
  2. The term length is anywhere from 24 – 48 months. Once you have kept your lease for 1/3 of the term length, you may pay off your machine with no penalty.
  3. The lease is through a third party, and will not report to your credit UNLESS YOU DEFAULT! So, don’t default! 😉
  4. The average payment is between $200 – $300ish.
  5. There is a down payment that varies, as well as an application fee. The approximate down payment can be calculated as your first and last month payment, so somewhere between $400 – $600ish.

If you are interested in applying for financing, you can fill out an online form here. If you’re not comfortable including your social security number, leave that part blank and call it in. You can reach me at 508-505-4878 or ThermoClear directly at 888-843-7660.

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