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Should you have a skin scanner in your skincare studio, spa or medispa? I think so!

Gone are the days of being able to say, ‘trust me – it will work!’ to our clients without being able to backup our claims with some REALLY good photos! Our clients are VERY tech & ingredient savvy, but unfortunately they think their shitty little roller from R&F or their $10 eye cream from CVS will do the same thing as our $2000 microneedling devices & $100 eye creams! Um…. nope!

So, what do we do? How do we prove to our clients that our $450 microneedling service, a 6-week LED series or a $200 eye cream actually WORKS?

I’ll tell you what you do! You get a diagnostic skin scanning device so that you will have OBJECTIVE measurements of how well your treatments and creams are working! You know that client… The ones that say, ‘I haven’t seen a difference in the treatment you did on me last month. I don’t want to continue doing it’ or ‘that new cream feels & smells so good, but I don’t think it’s doing anything’.

These are NOT skin scanner photos, but photos taken with a glamcor light and my iPhone. I so wish I’d already had my skin scanner when I took these photos!

These are my clients that didn’t think their skin had improved with their treatment!! All I can say is it’s a damn good thing I take before photos to compare with my after photos!!! I just wish I’d already had my skin scanner for them!

The woman in the top left 2 photos on the purchased over $700 worth of products from me and was getting discouraged because she wasn’t seeing any ‘improvement’ after a month. After showing her these photos see can SEE the improvements with her own eyes!!! The client in the two bottom photos has stayed consistent with her monthly microneedling treatments and is looking at least 10 years younger!!! But originally she didn’t think her skin had improved much at all! Both of these clients are talking to their friends about their results and have sent me referrals!!! ChaCHING! 🙂

I’ve gotten pretty good at taking consistent before / after photos, but the consistency offered by a skin scanner is in a class of its own! (BTW, the top right photo is of one of my employees, she knew her skin was improving, but didn’t realize how much until I showed her these!)


These are the photos that your Metis skin scanner will take! Can you imagine how impactful before / after photos with the Metis will be?

We all want to make money in this industry, right? That’s why we’re here!! There is a HUGE difference between a skin therapist that gives ‘facials’ and those that offer ‘advanced treatments with real results’. A skin scanner is for the esthetician that wants to SHOW those results so they can offer advanced treatments with confidence, and be able to show absolute proof that those treatments offer measurable results! With those photos, and a good social media marketing campaign, a smart esthetician will generate more and more profits!! GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR MONEY!!! LOL!!!

Is a device like this for everyone? Nope! Not at all! A skin scanner is for the esthetician that wants to work SMARTER and not HARDER! This is for the clinical skin therapists, the therapists that have lots of expensive equipment but aren’t using it as often as they’d like! This is for that therapists that want to sell more products and bring their retail sales to be 50% (or more!) of their total sales.

The Metis will help you achieve these higher profits!

I have researched many of the skin scanning devices on the market, and I have decided to purchase (for my own use) and sell (to other clinic owners) the Metis Cloud-connected skin diagnosis system. There are of course the popular Observ and VISIA systems, but I was wondering if there was a more budget-conscious system that was available.

I started my search and found approximately one million knock-off devices that are made in China. (Ok, maybe not one million, but a whole heck of a lot! Some of them looked EXACTLY like the VISIA and the Reveal, and some looked like crazy alien spacecraft). I thought briefly about purchasing one of the Reveal knockoffs, but I was very nervous about spending the money and then being stuck with a cheap piece of Chinese crapola. I kept searching and Metis caught my eye.

Metis has only been on the market for 1.5 years, and it is NOT in the US or Canada yet! It has been used extensively in the European & Australian markets, and distributors in those markets tell me that the Metis outperforms Observ by leaps and bounds! (The VISIA is considered to be the best system on the market, and for $14000 – $17000 they deserve to be! Observ has been number 2, but my feeling is that once Metis becomes a known system in the US, it will quickly take second place. 🙂

Introducing the Metis! Your new best friend!

Metis is a cloud-based AI skin scanning system and is app driven, which I LOVE!!! Here’s why – all of the other systems on the market are software based. As they improve their software, they also improve their systems, which means that in 5 – 10 years the original skin scanner you purchase will be OBSOLETE because they will have come up with a new model!!! (Boy, do I have a story to tell you about a VISIA I purchased second hand… Not only did it not work when it arrived, but when I contacted the manufacturer looking for technical assistance they told me, ‘that system is quite old, we no longer service that model.’ Wait, WHAT!??!?! This system would have been about $10,000 new 10 years ago and they NO LONGER SERVICED IT?!?!?!? Needless to say, I was quite upset about the $2399 that I had spent that bought me a piece of junk!!! Yes, I got my money back, but it took THREE MONTHS and multiple phone calls & emails to PayPal!!!)

Anyhoo – back to the Metis. As updates are made to the app you would just keep up with those updates on your iPad! (That is the only other item you will need to purchase in order to use your Metis, a 9.7 inch iPad.) Updates are made at least quarterly, and are often monthly as new functionality and customer suggestions are used. This means your device will not become obsolete!!!!

In addition, future forecasting over the next 5 – 10 years for aging, red spots, wrinkles and pigmentation is made for your clients based on data from millions of real clients – AI (artificial intelligence) at it’s finest! All data is stored on the cloud, so you can save an unlimited number of clients and that data will always be secure and not subject to be corrupted or from a hard-wired device.

A few more benefits to purchasing Metis over other skin scanners on the market: It is easy to compare before / after photos with overlays and grids (so you can accurately measure changes). Metis offers a personalized report with recommendations based on the products and treatments that you currently offer in your salon or spa, but not treatments that you don’t offer. One Metis can work with several iPads at one time, which is perfect for larger salons, spas and medispas! In July Metis will upgrade to offer the option to be able to make notes on the photos. This was the only way that Observ outperformed the Metis.

My Metis is on order, and is scheduled to arrive next week!!! I am MASSIVELY excited!!! I will DEFINITELY be updating this blog post once I have time to use my device. If you are interested in ordering a Metis for your own skincare studio, spa or medispa click on this link!

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