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What is the difference between Myolift Mini, Myolift 600 and Myolift MD?

Myolift Mini – a great ‘entry-level’ microcurrent device

With three Myolift models on the market, which one is best for you? Here is a brief summary of what each Myolift device can do to help you choose which one will work the best for your treatment room!

Myolift Mini

The Myolift Mini utilizes 2 specific waveforms that work on different layers of the muscles to either shorten them or lengthen them. Myolift Mini helps to work on toning and firming the skin and boosting ATP to get desired results. With an intensity of 175 – 400 microamps, Myolift Mini utilizes two unique protocols that work with level 1 and level 2 programs for ATP stimulation, which in turn helps with reeducation of muscles and the treatment of aging skin.

Myolift 600 (Professional)

The Myolift 600 (Professional) is the newest addition to the Myolift line. The Myolift 600 is called the ‘ATP booster kit’ and is designed to work in a professional setting. It offers enhanced microcurrent intensity (175 – 600 microamps) to empower the skin cells and muscle tissues. This model is ideal for professionals working with anti-aging clients engaged in a series of 4 treatments. The Myolift 600 offers 4 unique protocols for ATP stimulation and the reeducation of muscles for the treatment of aging skin. This is a GREAT choice for estheticians to use in their treatment rooms!

Myolift MD (Master Device)

Myolift MD offers a more powerful dose of energy (175 – 800 microamps) to the cells of the skin and muscle tissue, allowing your clients to retain longer lasting results. The Myolift MD offers 8 frequency-specific waveforms which allows you to create a customized series of anti-aging treatments used in addressing circulation, lymphatic drainage, shortening and lengthening the muscles, firming and product penetration. Eight preset protocols includes application for Acne, Facial Rejuvenation, Fascial Release, Anti-Aging ,Pre- and Post-surgical procedures, Face Lifting and Custom. It is easy to create facial services just around treatments with the Myolift MD, and has applications ranging from 1 treatment before an event to a series of 6 – 10 to build up ATP, collagen and elastin. It reduces inflammation, scar tissue and edema while improving skin texture. You and your client will see visible results in the first treatment! For anyone who knows the power of microcurrent and will use it in every single facial service Myolift MD is the way to go.

If someone is getting their feet wet with microcurrent and just figuring out what’s it all about, Myolift Mini or 600 is the way to go, as it still gives you professional results with two to four waveforms and pinch and hold techniques.

Myolift Mini, Myolift 600 and Myolift MD all offer true microcurrent, which is a pure and clean form of energy that cannot be felt by your client. True microcurrent is relaxing and doesn’t contract or twitch the muscles. It is a very small current that works on the cellular level to rebuild the energy in the skin’s cells. This current stimulates and activates the skin cells, which naturally smooths and softens expression lines & wrinkles. The Myolift Mini, Myolift 600 and Myolift MD produce electrical signals similar to those that naturally occur when the body is repairing damaged tissue. This electrical signal is proven to stimulate cell growth and rejuvenate aging skin by sending safe, painless impulses to the muscles in your face and neck which re-educates the muscles and restores them.

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