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How will you protect your Celluma panel now that Covid-19 is our new reality?

After nearly 2 (or more!) months of physical distancing – we’re now all contemplating how to protect our clients, our equipment, and ourselves as we return to work.

While I don’t know the entire answer to that question, I do know how we can protect our Celluma PRO panels when we use them on our clients! You will need to purchase a package of Disposable Hygienic Barrier Sleeves for your Celluma PRO panel and follow the easy directions below!

Celluma is the only light therapy device with hygiene barriers and has been offering them for YEARS. Once again proving that they are light years ahead of the competition!!! (Yes, pun intended….)

I’ve used Disposable Hygienic Barrier Sleeves whenever I’ve used the Celluma PRO panel on someone’s body or hands, but rarely on the face because the sleeve isn’t form-fitting and can sag – making your client feel claustrophobic.

I have developed a VERY quick & easy hack to make it easier to use barrier sleeves on your clients face. You’ll just need 6 medium binder clips (1 1/4″), your Celluma PRO panel, and 1 Disposable Hygienic Barrier Sleeve.

Gather the items you’ll need for your Celluma PRO Panel Hack.

Slide the barrier sleeve onto your Celluma panel, making sure to snug the end of the sleeve onto the end opposite the cord.

Starting on the end opposite the cord, anchor the barrier sleeve close to where the Lexan shield is tucked under the blue with two binder clips. You need to make sure the barrier sleeve is pulled snug on the end of the panel but it is not necessary for it to be taut in between the two binder clips right now.

Take the remaining 2 binder clips and once again using the same tension clip the barrier sleeve on the end of the Celluma PRO panel closest to the cord without clipping it on the cord.

For a limited time, all Celluma PRO panel orders through Pro Skin Guru will come with a free 100 pack of Hygienic Barrier Sleeves! Click HERE to place your order!

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