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Pro Skin Guru is dedicated to finding you great deals on the best equipment!

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I am passionate about skin care, and more specifically, tools that help us to become more successful and profitable in the treatment room!

Lots of products, gadgets & new technologies hit the market everyday. That’s where I come in . . . you can follow my blog for the latest reviews and tips and find out what really works!

And you can always ask me why – I’ll give you my opinion and I’ll listen to yours!

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About Jenn

My name is Jenn Buker and I love science! From the time that I was 14 I knew that I wanted to be a scientist, and after graduation I pursued an advanced degree in Marine Biology. During my time in graduate school I started and ran a successful home-based business. My business flourished, and I quickly discovered the joy of being an entrepreneur and being my own boss.

After several life changes, coupled with a good look at the aging woman in the mirror, I decided on taking a chance on a new career and began studies in an esthetics program.

My scientific mind and entrepreneurial spirit, along with my love for a great deal, are the perfect combination for my love of business, research, science, and skincare, which allows me to bring you the best equipment at the best prices I can find.

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Jenn is full of great tips and information on opening a business in a small town, continuing your education, and where to spend versus where to save. I think you’re really going to love my chat with Jenn – she’s so open and fun and willing to share her awesome beauty biz tricks.

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