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Not all Plasma pens are alike!

Plasma pens are a new and popular cosmetic treatment option that have gained a lot of attention in recent years. While plasma pens have been used for many years overseas, very few plasma pens have been FDA-cleared for use in …
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How will you effectively disinfect your treatment room when you’re back to work? An affordable solution.

The Coronavirus has certainly thrown our industry into a tailspin and after several months of ‘sheltering-in-place,’ many of us are eager to go back to work. Most states are instituting a phased strategy for reopening, so now is the time …
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How will you protect your Celluma panel now that Covid-19 is our new reality?

After nearly 2 (or more!) months of physical distancing – we’re now all contemplating how to protect our clients, our equipment, and ourselves as we return to work. While I don’t know the entire answer to that question, I do …
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What exactly is microcurrent?

Origins of Microcurrent The use of microcurrent on the face originated in the 1980s when the FDA approved it’s use as a muscle stimulator. Dramatic results were found using microcurrent on patients experiencing Bell’s Palsy, a form of nerve-paralysis which leads …
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Should you have a skin scanner in your skincare studio, spa or medispa? I think so!

Gone are the days of being able to say, ‘trust me – it will work!’ to our clients without being able to backup our claims with some REALLY good photos! Our clients are VERY tech & ingredient savvy, but unfortunately …
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There is a new handheld LED device in town, and it actually WORKS!

I think most of you know by now that it takes some real proof (and a ton of research on my part) for me to get excited about a device, especially an LED device that isn’t Celluma! I’m so sick …
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ThermoClear – The 5 questions you need to answer

So, you have a ThermoClear machine (or similar) and you’re afraid to use it!? That was TOTALLY me when I first bought my machine! I was so nervous about using it, and I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the protocols… which probe …
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Why are you buying cheap magnification??

I frequently see posts in the esthetician groups on Facebook asking about magnification, and inevitably someone mentions the CHEAP, MADE IN CHINA crap that you can find a dime a dozen on eBay or Amazon. Don’t get me wrong – …
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What is the ThermoClear?

The ThermoClear utilizes low and high radio frequency to quickly and easily treat benign skin imperfections with no down time and with minimal pain. ThermoClear can treat spider capillaries, cherry angiomas, sebaceous hyperplasia, milia, hyperpigmentation, fibromas & skin tags. Results …
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Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT): Fabulous ways to use your LED panel in the treatment room

LED or Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is clinically proven to be safe, and has achieved ‘no significant risk status’ for human trials by the FDA. As such, your Celluma panel is a very powerful addition to your Esthetics tool box. …
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