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There is a new handheld LED device in town, and it actually WORKS!

I think most of you know by now that it takes some real proof (and a ton of research on my part) for me to get excited about a device, especially an LED device that isn’t Celluma! I’m so sick …
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Why I’m choosing The BrowGal as my brow products

I love eyebrows. In fact, I lust after them. I have dreams about designing them. I stare at them when they pass on the street. I silently (and sometimes not so silently) judge them. Going to Puerto Rico is such a …
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Why are you buying cheap magnification??

I frequently see posts in the esthetician groups on Facebook asking about magnification, and inevitably someone mentions the CHEAP, MADE IN CHINA crap that you can find a dime a dozen on eBay or Amazon. Don’t get me wrong – …
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Why I love my ClearFX Skin microdermabrasion machine!

I never learned how to use microdermabrasion in school, and for that reason I shied away from using it for a long time. I viewed it as being unnecessarily rough on the skin, and preferred to use chemical exfoliants instead. …
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I have found the BEST Spa Wraps EVER!!!

I’m a texture person. Like, big time…. I can’t stand the feel of microfiber – the way it picks my hands. GROSS! I LOVE soft things – soft like a kitties belly… soft like freshly exfoliated skin! This makes it …
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The BUFF – Miracle Body Buffer

OH. MY. GOODNESS! I went the IECSC Show in Las Vegas for my first time this year and had a BLAST! I was truly like a kid in the candy store! 🙂 I found some fun new equipment to offer …
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Let’s Talk about Magnification

One of the most frustrating things to me as a skin therapist has been in finding a QUALITY magnification loupe that won’t bonk my clients in the face or make those awful creaking noises when moved. I was so sick …
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Awesome. I have it.

Your couch. It is mine.

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