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What is the difference between the ThermoClear and the ThermoClear PRO?

I am often asked what the difference is between the ThermoClear and the ThermoClear PRO. It’s simple! The ThermoClear and the ThermoClear PRO are the same machine, but the ThermoClear PRO has a few convenient upgrades. If you’re unsure what …
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How to Finance your ThermoClear Machine

With a large ticket item such as the ThermoClear, often you will need financing options rather than purchasing outright. WE CAN HELP YOU FINANCE YOUR MACHINE!! Here are some of the details of the lease-to-own program offered by ThermoClear. The …
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ThermoClear – The 5 questions you need to answer

So, you have a ThermoClear machine (or similar) and you’re afraid to use it!? That was TOTALLY me when I first bought my machine! I was so nervous about using it, and I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the protocols… which probe …
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How would YOU iron a silk blouse?

My favorite analogy to explain the difference between using high radio frequency and low radio frequency is this: You can use the same iron on a pair of denim jeans that you would use on a silk blouse, but you …
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What is the ThermoClear?

The ThermoClear utilizes low and high radio frequency to quickly and easily treat benign skin imperfections with no down time and with minimal pain. ThermoClear can treat spider capillaries, cherry angiomas, sebaceous hyperplasia, milia, hyperpigmentation, fibromas & skin tags. Results …
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I just bought a ThermoClear machine. How do I convince my clients to book a treatment?

Congratulations on your purchase! Ever since purchasing my ThermoLo, and then upgrading to my ThermoClear machine, I have had a BLAST! Using my ThermoClear is a lot of fun, and definitely breaks the day up. It also makes me a …
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How much should I charge for my ThermoLo or ThermoClear treatment?

I am often asked how much to charge for a ThermoLo or ThermoClear treatment. Of course, it is ultimately up to you and your skill-set as well as the area that you live in, that will determine how much you …
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Pay for your ThermoClear machine in a month!

I had my first annual Skin Rescue Retreat at my Studio last week, and part of what I offered was a brow design and a ThermoClear demonstration. (Yes, I had a few bookings after showing what my brow design entailed, …
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ThermoClear, ThermoLo & similar devices

Disclaimer – I am a distributor for the ThermoClear, and was previously a distributor for ThermoLo, so I will do my best to present FACTS and not OPINION! There has been a lot of chatter on the Facebook estheticians’ boards …
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Easy Skin Tag Treatment with ThermoClear

I just got the photo on the right from one of my clients I had last week. A very large skin tag is now GONE!!! The ThermoClear uses low and high frequency radio waves to dessicate tissues at an epidermal …
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