Celluma Practitioner

Dear new Celluma Practitioner,

Thank you for your recent purchase and for choosing Celluma to add to your professional portfolio of modalities. We are pleased to be partnered with you in enhancing client outcomes and growing your business. In effort to support the marketing and integration of your new product and services, and to educate your clients on the benefits of LED light therapy, we have an online package of digital Assets available for you to download. Feel free to use any portion for promotional marketing or website purposes.  Many items are suitable for printing and placing in a 3-ring binder for consultation and educational purposes.





  1. Welcome to Celluma & LED Light Therapy
  2. User Tips for Your Celluma
  3. Suggested Pricing for Treatments
  4. Spa Marketing Tips
  5. New at XYZ Spa
  6. How Light Energy is Absorbed by Cells
  7. Celluma Testimonials (updated November 2017)
  8. Acne Supplemental Instructions
  9. Celluma Aesthetic Poster 22×28 (for clients to print) – NEW!
  10. LED Suggested Spa Uses
  11. Keys to Effective Low Level Light Therapy & Celluma
  12. Waiting Room Binder (includes Before & After images, pp. 14-41)
  13. Celluma Frequently Asked Client Questions
  14. Massage Use & Positioning Tips
  15. Celluma Rental Agreement
  16. Celluma Video: A Short Overview – NEW!
  17. Celluma Waiting Room Video – NEW!
  18. Celluma Power Adapter Assembly Tutorial
  19. Celluma Images


In addition, we invite you to view and share our webinar, archived on American Spa’s website:  http://bit.ly/2tDnZIO.

Once again, we are excited to welcome you on board with Celluma!

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