Equipro Infraderm Facial Device Accessories

Accessories for Infraderm



The following accessories are available for the Infraderm:

1. Comb Electrode
2. Small Mushroom Violet Electrode (Neon)
3. Small Mushroom Pink Electrode (Argon)
4. Large Mushroom Violet Electrode (Neon)
5. Indirect Massage Electrode
6. Sparking Electrode (glass point)
7. Fulgurate Electrode (metal point)
8. Small Mushroom Violet Notch Electrode
9. Neon Roller Electrode
10. Neck Electrode
11. Complete High-Frequency Handle
12. High Frequency Coil (not pictured)

Additional information

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Infraderm Accessories

1. Comb Electrode, 2. Small Mushroom Violet Electrode, 3. Small Mushroom Pink Electrode, 4. Large Mushroom Violet Electrode, 5. Indirect Massage Electrode, 6. Sparking Electrode (glass point), 7. Fulgurate Electrode (metal point), 8. Small Mushroom Violet Notch Electrode, 9. Neon Roller Electrode, 10. Neck Electrode, 11. Complete High Frequency Handle, 12. High Frequency Coil


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