Equipro Magnifying Lamp Accessories

Accessories for your lamp magnifier




  • KFM Neon Protector (neon protection shield for KFM only)
  • Circus Neon Protector (neon protection plastic shield for Circus only)
  • Robusta Neon Protector (neon protection plastic shield for Robusta only)
  • T-9 Neon tube (Robusta & KFM)
  • Neon Tube for Circus Lamp (Circus only)
  • 4 Caster Base for Lamp Magnifier
  • Wall Bracket for Lamp Magnifier
  • Lamp Bracket for Steamer

Additional information

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Lamp Magnifier Accessories

KFM Neon Protector, Circus Neon Protector, Robusta Neon Protector, T-9 Neon Tube (KFM & Robusta), Neon Tube (Circus), 4 Caster Base, Wall Bracket, Lamp Bracket for Steamer


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