Myolift True Microcurrent Device

Myolift delivers true microcurrent for anti-aging, acne treatments, scar reduction, increased collagen, increased hydration, increased cellular function, improved circulation and much more. This is a small, but very effective addition to your Esthetic tool box.


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Myolift delivers true microcurrent for facial toning and firming. True Microcurrent delivers tiny electrical currents ranging from 0-400 microamps, which stimulates the muscle rather than contracting it. It does not twitch the muscles, cause pain or prickle the face, ensuring there is no lactic acid build-up over time. You will see noticeably refreshed skin after the first treatment. With repeated use, the skin will rebuild collagen & elastin for long-lasting rejuvenation of the skin, and a beautiful, youthful glow. Microcurrent improves the skin tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and creates a youthful appearance.

Myolift is an FDA-cleared portable technology that creates immediate and visible results in just a single treatment. Myolift is the most natural and non-invasive anti-aging device and will deliver fast results. Myolift uses up to 400 microamps to reduce the signs of aging by maintaining or increasing muscle tone in four ways:
Promoting hydration
Increasing cellular function
Re-educating muscle
Improving circulation

Myolift users can tone and lift muscles on the face by using lengthening and shortening techniques. This is achieved by targeting the origin and insertion points of the muscles.
A lengthening technique is typically used on a contractile muscle, such as the corrugator supercilii muscle located between the eyebrows. The corrugator is the muscle that is responsible for creating the ’11’ lines between the eyebrows. The user is able to manipulate the corrugator muscle with Myolift in order to relax and re-educate it. As a result, the deep creases that can appear between the brows are significantly diminished. The same re-educative principles are used for shortening techniques, using Myolift “educate” program. The masseter muscle, (or cheek muscle), is prone to elongation, commonly referred to as elastosis. To combat elastosis, microcurrent is delivered from the origin and insertion points to shorten the muscle and re-educate it to stay toned and tight, thereby reversing the visible effects of aging. Myolift, with it’s two separate programs, is the best facial exercising device on the market for delivering professional-grade results, whether used at home or in a spa setting.

Myolift uses FDA cleared, proven technology to increase natural collagen, natural elastin, and blood circulation.

Microcurrent affects the skin in the following ways:
reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
lift droopy eyelids
reduces dark circles and puffiness
strengthens and lifts
tightens and reduces open pores
improves skin color and texture
diminishes scar tissue
gives the skin a youthful appearance

1. 7e Myolift microcurrent facial treatment device.
2. Handheld applicators for ease of use.
3. 4 Oz. Conductive Seaweed Gel.
4. Wall Adapter for charging only.
5. How to Use Guide and Manual.
6. Facial Charts for reference.
7. Instructional video in DVD format.

Special Features:
1. FDA cleared microcurrent facial toning device for personal facial fitness. It delivers true microcurrent for toning and rejuvenation of the skin.
2. Provides a non-invasive face treatment to lift and tone the facial muscles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
3. Professional grade, yet portable and lightweight, with a rechargeable battery system.
4. This device can be used to stimulate facial muscles and rejuvenate the skin, providing a non-invasive treatment to the face.
5. This anti-wrinkle treatment gives you an at-home facelift using new state of the art microcurrent to, in essence, give your face the facial exercises it needs to stay in shape.
6. Myolift can be used for a quick “ Lunchtime lift”.


0-5 mins: Neck and Jawline
Cleanse face and apply gel on Neck and Jawline. Place stationary wand on top of the neck and roll second wand toward it in a horizontal upward motion.  Place stationrary wand at end of jawline towards ears and roll second wand toward it vertically.




5-10 mins: Cheek and Smile line
Apply gel on cheeks and area around lips.
Place wand on top of the cheek bone and roll the second probe from jawline towards it in a horizontal upward motion. Place stationary wand on top of the lip and roll second wand from end of the lip towards it creating a snarl. This will treat your smile line.



10-15 mins: Eyebrow and Forehead
Apply gel around eyes and forehead area.
Place stationary wand on top of the eyebrow and second wand under it pulling eyebrow up towards the hairline. Hold for 5 seconds and move to the corner. Place stationary wand on top of forehead close to hairline and roll second wand toward it in a horizontal direction.



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