Orion – handheld red / infrared device

Orion’s technology results in wrinkle reduction, accelerated wound healing, dermal elasticity and pore improvement.



  1. Turn back the clock with Orion! This handheld combination red/infrared device is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just 3 minutes a day*, 5 days a week in 2 months! You can use this in the comfort of your own home to boost the results of your clinical treatments. Use in your clinic and retail to your clients as a device that REALLY WORKS to help them look younger and more, well…. radiant!

How it works

Orion’s super intense level LED light emitted produces a number of biological and cellular reactions, including:

  • more effective and faster cell renewal via improved absorption of vital nutrients necessary for tissue repair
  • increased collagen production, which leads to the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and the softening of skin tissue
  • collagen replenishment due to an increase in stimulation of mitochondria (responsible for cellular healing) and ATP (energy) production
  • designed to get into tight spots without shining light in your eyes
  • delivers 9 – 10 Joules / cm² in 3 minutes over the applied treatment area


  • simple swipe motion to operate unit
  • double swipe on / off with audible signaling
  • compact ergonomics for easy use and accurate treatment area application
  • single button functional simplicity
  • compact, easy-to-hold device with no power cords
  • battery remains charged for hours and hours


  • Safety interlock firmware for dermal contact sense – maximize Joule delivery of therapeutic LED light energy
  • Treatment area: full-face – clinically efficacious and safe for all Fitzpatrick skin types
  • 3 minute /3-inch area of treatment – 5 days a week – for 2 months duration (or longer!)
  • Battery level sense indicator LEDs and audible chirp sound prompt user when to charge
  • LED output does NOT decrease with decreased battery charge, maintaining efficacy of treatment
  • GTE 100 minutes of treatment time per charge – 2-hour charge cycle

Original, unretouched photos. Incredible results in just 2 – 3 months!

Technical Features (aka the geeky stuff…)

  • NXP Microcontroller – Boost Integrated High Power LED drivers
  • Integrated Lithium Polymer Battery @ 2400 MaH capacity (you do not need to plug into a wall to use this device!)
  • 120/240 Vac Input for AC/DC UL Listed Wall Charger Unit output power 5Vdc @ 1A
  • Clear Makrolon USP Medical Grade 6 Lens
  • 316L Marine/Medical Grade Stainless Steel Retainer Ring
  • Integrated LEDs and Audible annunciator
  • Power status, battery charge level, treatment timing, and power on/off status indicators
  • 4 constant narrow spectrum LED wavelengths of treatment power from 605 nm to 830 nm (narrow spectrum LEDs are more desirable for client outcomes)
  • 11 total Superintense LEDs; Osram, Cree, and KingBright – rated for 80,000 hours of constant usage (these are the top-of-the-line brands for LEDs)
  • No competing device provides Orion’s 85% evenness of power density, which optimally stimulates the treatment area’s collagenous fibrous strands by triggering targeted chromophore receptors at the cellular level leading to cellular collagen fibroblast growth
  • Orion’s technology results in wrinkle reduction, accelerated wound healing, dermal elasticity & pore improvement
  • Assembled, tested and packaged in the USA

*3 minutes a day / 3-inch treatment area

Additional information

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.5 × 3.5 in


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