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Thank you so much for attending today’s webinar presented by Pro Skin Guru & ThermoClear on The 5 questions you must ask before using your ThermoClear device. I truly hope that this webinar has helped you become more confident and prepared to use your ThermoClear machine! Careful, thoughtful consideration of your client’s skin type and being comfortable knowing what you are treating are integral to performing safe, effective ThermoClear treatments.

We will be embedding the recorded video of today’s presentation on our website,, as soon as possible – so feel free to come back and refer to it as often as you need to. In addition, you can access the  blog post that was the original basis for my ThermoClear instruction at If you can answer these 5 questions, you will NEVER need a cheat sheet and you will be able to quickly and safely determine which probe to use, when to add a conductor and which technique to use for all of your clients!

As a special THANK YOU for attending today’s webinar please take advantage of one or both of the following offers:

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If you are interested in purchasing a ThermoClear or ThermoClear PRO for your own treatment room, call me at 508-505-4878 and you will get your ThermoClear for just $4900 or $5400, a savings of $500. In addition, you will get DOUBLE supplies with your device – which will help you earn an additional $7500 – $30,000 in treatment dollars.

You must call 508-505-4878 to take advantage of this special deal.

Thanks again, and keep your eyes peeled for other webinars presented by Pro Skin Guru!


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